Welcome to Coding Playground

Empowering Students With Digital Skills - Building Skills for Tomorrow

Welcome to Coding Playground

Introducing & Building Digital Skills for the youth


We bring learning opportunities that inspire young people to explore, discover, and create. 

We are on a Mission! To change world education with Coding & Digital Skills learning for the young and to prepare children & students for the global technology future in a fun, collaborative and interactive way, focusing on creativity and experimentation. Coding Playground is transforming access to education providing personalized learning experiences!

We work every day to build the foundations for amazing futures, both for kids and for our communities, providing a wide range of digital skills and engaging quality technology and computing education for children and school students from the age of 3+ and up in a fun, innovative and engaging way.

It’s All About The Kids

The earlier we introduce coding to children, the more comfortable they will become with computers and technology and the more successful they will become when presented with more challenging learning opportunities.

And It's All About Active Learning

Learning Experiences in Coding Playground are all around what we call Active Learning, where kids learn by doing and by sharing their knowledge and achievements with others, in an immersive & collaborative ecosystem ... just like in a playground.

What is Coding Playground?

Coding Playground is a team dedicated to building the future of tech learning for kids. Coding Playground was founded in 2015 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Live remote and online courses from hundreds of independent teachers for Key Stages 1-4 on Programming, Robotics, Graphic Design, AI / ML, Scratch, and more.

But this is not all ... Coding Playground provides a free online collaboration tool that gives Digital Skills & STEM program providers a chance to find partners based on interests, share resources, and showcase STEM opportunities to families.

For over 5 years, we’ve been teaching kids and students how to code and get ahead with digital skills subjects. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

Students will benefit from our high calibre project-based curriculum and state of the art virtual learning platform. That lets them connect with our subject specialist tutors in real time and learn in demand tech skills to enable them to get ahead.

Learn the Coding Playground Way

Learn Digital Skills from anywhere with our highly engaging and interactive classes and tutoring for kids!

What Digital Skills can Students learn in Coding Playground?

New! Introducing Coding Playground Academies 

Why Coding Playground?

Learning Digital Skills at a young age can really help students and youngsters to get ahead. Not just at school, but in the future too, as an understanding of how the Digital World works will be an essential core skill for most careers and work.

Our Learning Programs are a great way for students to be introduced to subjects that are typically not included in their school's curriculum and lets students learn in a fun and structured way, as they turn their imagination into reality.

Coding Playground is a safer, healthier and kinder digital community for teachers, students, kids and parents to connect and communicate with colleagues, friends and classmates. We create authentic opportunities that promote social and emotional learning, and reward kindness, the likes given over the likes received. Educators can use Coding Playground to create an enhanced digital community to support any curriculum topic and seamlessly connect with other platforms.

 A safer digital learning space for Students & the School Community

These ideas are at the heart of what we do:

Learn more about the Training Academy here.  


Learning Digital Skills can be easy and fun with the right platform. Just sign up for free, open coding-playground.mn.co and start learning, coding and sharing your progress - no need to install any software. Our entire curriculum of lessons and projects is tailored-made for kids & students with activities such as interactive graphics and game creation!


What you will find in Coding Playground

  • We have tons of coding topics to choose from!
  • Students can join any course at any time and retake them as many times as needed. Also, students can leverage their learning by contacting teachers and tutors and by sharing their knowledge with other peers to maximize their learning  experience.
  • Students will learn different topics at their own pace, guided by  experienced Coding Playground Coaches.
  • Courses, Lessons and Projects for children aged 3+ and up.
  • All Classes, Courses and Workshops in Coding Playground promote social interaction and teacher attention.
  • Improves STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).
  • Hands-on and interactive projects, bootcamps and courses.

Learning to code is about more than just learning to give instructions to a computer. Leaders and influential people around the globe all agree, all students should learn how to code.

New this month at Coding Playground!

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The Coding Playground Young Entrepreneurs Academy empowers elementary and middle school children across the cultural and economic spectrum with hands-on, project-based entrepreneurship programs that promote financial management, leadership, and teamwork. Our hope is to inspire the next generation of innovators who become the economic engines of their communities. 

Learn more here

Computational Thinking Academy

In a rapidly changing world, today's students will need a whole new set of skills to solve tomorrow's problems. Computational thinking gives them the ability to recognize when and how technology can boost their own critical-thinking, creative and problem-solving skills in order to find innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Learn more here

Newest Courses Added This Month!

Young Entrepreneurs Academy - Short Course

Graphic Design Masterclass - Learning Path

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Learning is a not a destination, but a journey.

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